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     The End of Bullying Begins With YOU!

     To Foster Empathy For Bullying Prevention

     What's Hidden in Plain Sight - Part 1

     What's Hidden in Plain Sight - Part 2

     Social Media is Bringing Our Teens Down

     New Year, New Rules - Cell Phone Contract

     What You Can Do To Improve Your Mental Health

     Know! What’s Trending – The Tide Pod Challenge

     Know! To Talk Teen Relationships and Dating

     How To Talk To Your Kids About School Violence

     Warning - JUUL at Your School

     April is Alcohol Awareness Month

     To Stand Firm Against Underage Drinking

     Fitness #4Mind4Body

     Summertime Increases Risk

     The Key Skills for Your Child's Academic Success

     The Risk Factors Associated with Drug Addiction

     Not To Be A Lawnmower Parent

     The Link Between Alcohol And Sexual Assault

     Sexual Assault Prevention Tips for Teens

     To Give and Receive the Gift of Kindness

     Beyond the Holiday Blues

     The New Danger – Nicotine Toothpicks

     Sleep is Fuel for Life

     How Your Child’s Health Habits Rank

     What’s New with 420

     Underage Drinking is a Big Deal

     Your Parental Role: First Line of Defense

     Parents Who Host Lose The Most:

          Don't Be a Party to Teenage Drinking

     Teen Sex Trafficking: What Parents Need to KNOW

     Teen Sex Trafficking: To Educate Them to Protect Them

     To Pump Them Up for a Successful New School Year

     To Defend Against Mean Girls

     To Handle Mean Girls and Move On

       Alert - Weed Awareness

       To Put Kindness into Action

     Teens are NOT so Footloose and Fancy Free

     The Red Flags of Teen Depression

      How to Fight Teen Depression

     How to Keep Kids in Focus If Divorce Occurs

       Love Is Respect

       Help Teens KNOW! How To Set Dating Boundaries

       The New Line of Nicotine Products Enticing Youth

     To Reassure and Support Children During the COVID-19 Crisis

       To Thrive in Uncertain Times

      To Examine Your COVID-19 Coping Skills


Teachable Moments:

     Mental Health

     13 Reasons Why

     Transition Increases Risk

     The Three Steps to a Happy New You (01-2019)

     The Facts on Youth Suicide (02-2019)

      Teens Can Be Apart But Together for Summer Fun (06-2020)


Tobacco Free Schools


Start Talking


Mental Health Awareness Month (05/2018)
     Project AWARE Ohio May 14 2018 e-newsletter

     Project AWARE Ohio Trauma Brief

     Eating Disorders Brief

     Non Suicidal Self Injury

     Teen Dating Violence

     Teen Suicide Prevention Info Brief

     Substance Abuse Info Brief